Twitter will now provide more context when it rejects your request to be verified

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Twitter started accepting applications in May for its blue checkmark from those who want to get verified on the platform. This was after the micro-blogging site suspended that program in 2017 over allegations that it represented an unfair endorsement from the company.

The verification program has been opened under new guidelines, meaning not everyone who requests to be verified gets Twitter's approval. However, instead of sending out generic rejection emails, Twitter has announced that it will explain more thoroughly why you're deemed unfit for the blue badge.

In a series of tweets, Twitter said the latest move is in line with the feedback from its community, which called on the service to "be more clear" on why an application is rejected. The email, in particular, will give more context to rejected requests for verification.

The company also offered a list of notes that you should consider before sending your verification request again 30 days after being denied. For one, Twitter requires using the portal of a verified organization if you're trying to prove your authenticity using a website. That website must also contain a reference to your name and Twitter account.

Brands or activists must also have a follower count that's in the top 0.05% of active users located in a similar region. For journalists, their profile must reference the verified news organization they're affiliated with and link to its official website.

Twitter also acknowledged that the option to apply isn't open to everyone just yet. The firm said that access to the application will be available to all users soon.

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