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Uber for Business launches Vouchers for Uber Eats

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Uber for Business has announced that it’s launching Vouchers for Uber Eats which will allow businesses to increase employee productivity and encourage customer loyalty. The firm said that businesses can use the Vouchers to subsidise meals for employees or customers in various scenarios, for example, if a business supplies free food at work for its employees, it could offer these vouchers to pay for employees meals while they’re working at home.

The announcement comes just a few months after Uber for Business expanded its Eats service to several new markets around the world including Brazil, Canada, France, and the United Kingdom. At the time, it used the coronavirus lockdowns as an opportunity to tell people how the new service would be helpful to them.

With the expansion in April, employees could order food using their individual corporate cards. For smaller businesses that may not use corporate cards, the new voucher scheme will allow Uber to expand to new customers. Additionally, now that businesses can reward customers with vouchers, they’ll have a new way to interact with customers.

Businesses will have a lot of control over the types of vouchers they purchase, for example, they’ll be able to apply a group name, start/end date, and an internal memo. Furthermore, Uber allows you to set limits on spend per order, the number of orders, dates and times, and other parameters. In order to unlock a voucher, recipients will be given a link to claim it on an Uber account which can then be applied at check out.

Businesses that buy vouchers will get insights into how employees and customers use the vouchers including total spend, meals ordered, and the number of vouchers claimed. This will help businesses to refine the vouchers they purchase in the future. Unlike typical vouchers where you pay a certain amount, Uber says businesses will only pay the amount that recipients actually spend.

To learn more about Uber Eats and the new offering head over to the Uber for Business Eats website.

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