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Businesses can get up to speed with GitHub Copilot with new Learning Pathway

GitHub Learning Pathways

GitHub has launched a new Learning Pathway aimed at businesses which focuses on GitHub Copilot. Rather than explain to software developers how to use the software, this pathway explains to business leaders how they can benefit from Copilot.

Some of the questions that the series tries to address include what can be achieved with GitHub Copilot, how GitHub Copilot handles data, what the best practices are for creating an AI governance policy, and how GitHub Copilot can be deployed for use by developers in the business.

For those who don’t know, GitHub Copilot is a paid service that uses generative artificial intelligence to help you write and understand code. It is able to read your code, understand it, and provide assistance to help you be more productive.

GitHub has received input in the course from representatives from ASOS, CARIA, Cisco, Lyft, Philips, Redfin, and Shopify because they have all started using GitHub Copilot internally.

According to GitHub, this Learning Pathway is classified as an Essentials module which just means that it’s designed to cover key concepts to build a good foundation of understanding. The company said that it’s already working on its next GitHub Copilot Learning Pathway module which will focus on working alongside your new AI pair programmer.

In the upcoming module, GitHub will teach you about prompt engineering and using GitHub Copilot for writing tests and to refactor your code.

The launch of this learning pathway comes less than two weeks after the launch of GitHub Copilot Enterprise, a $39 version of Copilot aimed at enterprises. The Enterprise edition differs from the standard Copilot in that it can be personalized for each organization with answers being based on their code repositories and knowledge base.

In its announcement, GitHub cited previous research that said that developers who use GitHub Copilot are able to complete their tasks 55% faster while producing higher-quality code. This helps get stuff done more quickly and the higher-quality code potentially improves the security of the software too.

Source: GitHub

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