UK ISPs could notify users who infringe copyright by 2014

Piracy is something the government is keen on stopping, and under a draft code published today by UK communications regulator Ofcom, ISPs could be eligible to send warning letters to copyright infringers by 2014.

These letters would then tell the user that their activities are being monitored online and will also provide the user with a means of finding legal content.

Should users be caught infringing copyright three times within a 12 month period, copyright owners would then be able to request for anonymous information that could lead to one or many court orders forcing the ISP to reveal the identity of the user.

The Ofcom code also suggests that copyright holders would have to develop “attractive” licensed services, as well as informing potential customers the impact piracy can have in the software and entertainment industry.

If approved, the Ofcom code would affect 93% of the current UK broadband market. The code is going to be presented to Parliament by the end of the year.

Source: Ofcom

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