UK News: Blueyonder to block P2P?

AntiCap can reveal today that Telewest/Blueyonder have proposed the following draconian alterations to their 'Acceptable Use Policy' that would quite simply outlaw peer to peer filesharing and the running of game servers as well as other internet activity. The proposed changes have been posted to the blueyonder newsgroup hierarchy. Here's an excerpt:-


Section 5 Internet Protocol Services

You may provide Internet Protocol services from your computer for personal use. An example would be the running of an authenticated FTP service to enable you to access files on your home computer remotely. You must not use, nor allow anyone else to use the services to provide Internet Protocol services to the mass Internet populace, including other users. Internet Protocol services includes, but is not limited to, HTTP, games, telnet, FTP, and P2P services.

Uproar would perhaps be the best way to describe the reaction of customers to these proposed changes. AntiCap can only wonder at the motives behind this 'sneak preview' of upcoming changes to blueyonders AUP.

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News source: AntiCap

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