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UK Politicians Push for Clearer Digital Music Restrictions

An influential group of politicians in the UK have stressed the need for consumers to be made fully aware of any restrictions on digital music prior to purchase. Analyzing the different copy protection systems in operation today, the All Party Parliamentary Internet Group suggested that labeling should clearly indicate how easy it is to move media between different devices.

The report contained a number of recommendations including the introduction of labeling guidelines giving consumers accurate information on the restrictions placed upon music or movies downloaded from the Internet. Consumers should, the report stated, be fully aware of just what they can do with the media they buy, from sharing with friends to moving between devices.

News source: BBC News

The consequences of using aggressive DRM techniques were highlighted,drawing on the experiences learned from the recent Sony BMG copy protection scandal involving hidden rootkit techniques. The Department of Trade and Industry was also called upon to review the prices charged for digital content and how they vary between countries.

A spokesperson for the group stated that he expected a response to the report from the distributors of digital content, and hoped that it would result in a wider understanding of some of the issues relating to legal downloading today.

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