Users are reporting system crashes on PlayStation 4 because of Anthem

Anthem was a highly-anticipated title for many people, bringing some competition to the generally well-received Destiny franchise. However, the experience doesn't seem to be that great for PlayStation 4 owners, who have been reporting a large number of problems with the game, according to Kotaku.

Be it on Reddit, the game's official forums, or even on Twitter, there's been a flood of comments and questions about the problems caused by the title. Most of the reports point to the game crashing the entire system, which turns off and, showing the CE-36329-3 error message. These reports have accumulated hundreds of upvotes, with one in particular reaching almost 1500 as of the time of writing.

While the majority of reports point to shutdowns, sometimes followed by system verifications, one specific report is even more concerning. Reddit user TheMadTitanGauntlet has reported that their PlayStation 4 unit is no longer able to boot up at all. The same user claims that the Xbox One version hasn't displayed any issues in the same vein.

In light of the issues, many users have asked for a refund, but it seems that the majority have been unsuccessful so far, with a few exceptions. In the meantime, EA has acknowledged the issue and opened a thread on its own forums to gather data regarding the crashes. Hopefully, this means a fix will be pushed out sooner rather than later.

Source: Kotaku, EA

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