Valve taking signups for Steam Linux beta

Valve has been working for some time on creating a Linux port of its Steam game and software download service, along with its Source Engine games. A number of weeks ago, the game developer said it had started an internal beta test of the Linux client in its offices.

Now, Valve has opened up their beta to outsiders. A post on the company's official website shows that Valve is letting people take a survey for consideration for testing the Linux Steam client. Of course, users must have a Steam ID already set up to take part in the survey.

Valve isn't just taking anyone off the street. The note says specifically, "We are primarily interested in experienced Linux users." So it appears that, for this round at least, if you don't use a form of Linux regularly, you might be out of luck.

In a previous update, Valve said they got one of their own games, Left 4 Dead 2, up and running on a version of the Linux Ubuntu OS. After some tweaking with the software, Valve said they were able to get the zombie shooter running at 315 frames per second under the Linux OS.

Source: Valve | Image via Valve

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