Verizon FiOS TV adds YouTube and Internet radio streaming

youtube on fios

Verizon has announced they are now allowing qualified customers to stream YouTube videos and Internet radio from their PC to their set top box.

Verizon is taking the next step in redefining the way people watch TV by adding YouTube to its innovative FiOS TV Internet Video capabilities. Qualified customers can now simply use their remote controls to search for and enjoy any YouTube video -- right on their TV screens. Verizon is also introducing Internet Radio for FiOS TV subscribers, providing access to hundreds of stations nationwide and the ability to stream music from the PC to the TV.

For this to work you need the Media Manager installed on your Windows PC, sorry no Mac support. The Media Manager software will then stream the content from the PC to the set top box. Once the software is setup, you then control it with your remote or you can download an app that will allow you to control your tv with a Droid by Motorola or the HTC Imagio.

Verizon already allows streaming video from, Dailymotion and Veoh so the YouTube addition seems to fit nicely. Though it isn't clear why you have to stream the content through your PC and not directly on the set top box; all FiOS boxes are connected directly to the internet.

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