Verizon offers an unlocked Galaxy S3... For a price

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the best phones on the market, and has been receiving a lot of praise in online reviews (remember to read our review and also the review from forum member mrk). In the United States, the phone is available on all of the major carriers with minimal differences between them. However one big difference is that on Verizon, the bootloader comes locked, preventing users from installing custom ROMs.

Many people view an unlocked bootloader as a key feature of Android devices, so it’s curious that Verizon would cut this off when other providers have left it open. However, accoreding to CNET, Verizon is giving customers a choice: They can purchase an unsubsidized “Developer’s Edition” of the phone that allows users to tinker with the bootloader. The phone will cost $600, the same price as a regular S3 off of contract, and will be available from Samsung’s website.

While the question still remains as to why Verizon decided to lock the bootloader when AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile left it open, this at least gives everyone the ability to use Verizon and tinker on the phone as long as they’re willing to pay full price for the device.

Source: CNet

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