VIA Preparing an Athlon 64 Chipset with PCI Express Support

So this is what i was waiting for when i sold my system to get a laptop! :) Oh i can't wait ;)

VIA Company, which is the leading AMD chipset developer today, is not going to give away its position in the future. The latest company plans concerning the future AMD CPUs support indicate that once again. After the already familiar KT600 solution for Socket A, K8T400M and K8M400 for Athlon 64, there will be one more chipset with a much more advanced features set including PCI Express x16 and x4 support.

Speaking about VIA's chipset plans for AMD processors in greater detail, I would like to point out that VIA is going to launch KT600 chipset for Socket A supporting Athlon XP processors with 200MHz, 266MHz, 333MHz and 400MHz bus very soon now. In fact this core logic set will be an improved version of the KT400A with the new 400MHz bus support. Therefore, its features will remain the same as by the predecessor: DDR266/333/400, ECC, AGP 4x/8x and 8x V-Link.

News source: X-Bit Labs

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