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18 August 2001
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This was back in 1995 when AOL and online chatting became all the rage, my high school library had a program to teach kids how to fix all those broken computers there. I learned and eventually got permission to see how it looks from the server side. The server was a whopping 133Mhz chip :) Shortly after that I started work on setting up a new network for the school as well as all their new equipment which is when I finally got my first PC, one of the old broken library computers. It was a Intel 66mhz DX2 CPU and came with Windows 3.11 for Workgroups. Eventually upgraded it to Windows 95 and a blazing fast 33.6Kbps modem (to be quickly swapped to a 56K modem). :)

That started my love for systems and networks and today here I am with doing what I've always wanted to do, in a little room with tons of machines around me :) Yay for getting away from people, kidding!

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