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VisionTek: 'We aint dead yet HardOCP'

VisionTek sent nvmax.com the following email regarding [H]ard|OCP's statement that led to untrue rumours all over the net.

"An Assignee / Trustee as been appointed, and will attempt to maximize the value of the company's assets. His belief is that the assets have a higher value as a "turn-key" operation rather than in a liquidation. The Trustee is continuing to operate the company to determine if a sale is a viable alternative to a liquidation, and he is currently talking to interested parties. The company is continuing to take orders, ship products, and honor rebates."

VisionTek is the largest provider of 3D graphics accelerators and memory in North America. A long time provider of memory and advanced graphics solutions for personal computer OEMs, VisionTek entered the retail market in May, 2001, and by the end of 2001 had earned the #1 retail spot for graphics in the U.S. VisionTek was first to the U.S. retail market with GeForce4, GeForce3 and it's Xtasy Titanium series, all products winning several industry awards. Additional VisionTek products include PC memory, compact flash memory and IEEE 1394 technology.

News source: nvmax.com

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