Vivaldi 1.12 arrives with new image inspector

Vivaldi 1.12 is now available for download. The update includes several new features, namely a better image inspector, a more powerful download manager, and an added option for toning down saturation for websites’ theme colors. Despite Vivaldi’s claims that many users have been asking for these features; it still hasn’t introduced Vivaldi Sync, which people are definitely asking for.

Neowin took an more extensive look at Image Properties earlier in the month, but here’s a quick overview of the feature. To bring up the new Image Properties sidebar, just right click an image and pick Image Properties, to get information from the meta data including:

  • File name and URL
  • The model of the camera that took the image
  • Depth of field and sensitivity of the image sensor (ISO)
  • Exposure and focal length
  • Histogram, white balance and colour space
  • Dimensions and size
  • Time and date when the photo was taken
  • Software used to process the image

Next up is the enhanced download panel, Vivaldi says:

“With this release, we’ve added some big improvements to the Downloads Panel. First, we’ve added a whole new dimension to it, displaying information about the name of the file, download speed, download URL, destination folder, and date and time. We’ve also added the ability to sort Downloads by type – in addition to name, size, date added and date finished, as well as by address.”

Lastly we’ve got the saturation adjustment feature. To be clear, this pertains to the colour of the browser window which changes dynamically based on which website you’re on. If you head into the Appearance tab of settings you’ll find a slider to change the saturation of the browser window theme. This little addition is great for anyone who wants more or less zap in their colors.

Source: Vivaldi

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