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Vodafone launches ‘unbreakable' Pro Broadband packages

It reads &039New Pro Broadband&039 and shows new router and extenders

Vodafone has announced the launch of its new Pro Broadband packages which it says will ensure you can always get online no matter where in your home you are. If you don’t receive coverage throughout your domicile, the firm said you can end your contract without facing a penalty.

Under the new Superfast, Ultrafast and Gigafast plans, users will be provided with Super WiFi wireless range boosters that use software that works with the router’s Intelligent WiFi feature to provide the best performance. If they detect any wireless congestion from neighbours they will work around this to ensure you get a reliable connection.

To make customers’ connections even more reliable, Vodafone has launched a new dedicated team called WiFi Xperts - a trained squad of engineers who proactively monitor networks and contact customers if they detect issues. New customers will be contacted by the WiFi Xperts within 10 days of their service to make sure everything is working properly.

If you do run into issues with your connection between the router and the local telephone exchange, the router will utilise the Broadband Back-up feature which is essentially a 4G mobile connection via a USB plugged into the router to help you stay connected until WiFi is restored. The mobile USB is capped at 50GB but this can be extended if needed.

It’s an interesting offer from Vodafone; we’ve all experienced a WiFi outage at some point or other and they can be frustrating. With more people learning and working from home, having a stable connection is more important than ever.

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