Wallpaper designed to protect Wi-Fi networks

Who wouldn't want to have wallpaper that could stop electronic eavesdropping? A British defense contractor BAE Systems has developed a panel that does just that. In addition to being only 50 to 100 microns thick. This panel can be applied to almost any surface. What's interesting about this is that it lets other traffic through. Such as radio and cell phone signals. This technology comes with a price tag of $265,000.

British defense contractor BAE Systems has developed a stealth wallpaper designed to stop electronic eavesdropping on Wi-Fi networks.

The company has produced panels designed to prevent outsiders from listening in on companies' Wi-Fi traffic but let other traffic through, including radio and mobile phone signals. The FSS (Frequency Selective Surface) panels are made in the same way as printed circuit boards, with layers of copper on Kapton polymer. These materials are also used in stealth bombers and fighter jets. The panels come in two varieties: passive, which is permanently turned on, and active, where various areas can be switched on and off to enlarge or limit the area of the network.

News source: C|Net News.com

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