Water Cooled XBox

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Most of you will remember back in the days when the only site crazy / stupid enough to cut a hole in their case and add a fan to it, calling it a "Blow Hole", was [H]ardOCP. Since then, we have overclocked just about everything there is to overclock... and, in our quests for speed, there isn't a piece of hardware out there that we haven't personally burned up along the way. This has only emphasized the importance of cooling to us, which has in turn spawned some pretty ingenious methods of cooling around here over the last few years.

Having said that, we have been water-cooling our systems around here long before it ever became "cool" and certainly before there were sites dedicated to water-cooling or even a retail businesses to specifically support it. I have used and tested every water-cooling component "known to man", from homemade waterblocks all the way to retail water-cooling kits and systems. Matter o' fact, three of the five systems I run are currently water-cooled machines.

News source: Hardocp.com

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