Webmasters get creative with dead ends

Defunct Web pages and mistyped URLs generally deliver error messages that are as dull as dirt. But a growing cadre of witty Webmasters opt to make light of AWOL Web pages. Instead of displaying the standard "404 Error File Not Found," they dole out a dose of humor instead.

Space aliens are blamed for making off with missing Web pages at Roswell Online, noting: "Your Roswell Online Page Has Been Abducted!" At a site called More Freaky, '80s era TV icon Mr. T scolds you for your typo: "Wrong page, Sucka! Quit clicking on all that jibba-jabba." A misstep at Marshall Bowling's Web site could lead to the Internet's so-called missing link, producing an image of a bemused homo erectus.

News source: PCWorld - 'Wrong Page, Sucka!'

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