Windows 10: File Explorer adds 'Home' and 'frequent folders' features

At the release of the Windows 10 technical preview, Microsoft did not have time to talk about every single addition to the platform. While there are certainly large additions, like the virtual desktop feature, there are also small updates to the File Explorer too.

We have already talked about the new Share charm that is now included in the File Explorer to make it easier to share files but that's not all that is new. Microsoft has built in a 'Frequent Folders'  and 'Recent Files' feature that, as you guessed, allows you to view frequent files and folders that you have viewed recently.

You can find these new features under the 'Home' button on the right side of the explorer that makes it easy to create a custom area inside of File Explorer for faster navigation.

The benefits of this are quite obvious as it provides quick access to files that you have recently modified which, in theory, should boost your productivity as you won't have to go digging through folders to get back to your last saved location.

This is a minor update to File Explorer that adds a little bit of new functionality to the app. While it's not the largest addition to Windows 10, when a bunch of these small updates come together, it creates a better user experience and that's the goal with Windows 10.

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