Windows 10 is running on more than 25 million devices

Last week Microsoft pushed the big red button that released Windows 10 to the world and while the company initially announced 14 million installs after 24 hours, sources are telling us that the mark has surpassed 25 million and may be as high as 27 million.

While the peak of 1500 installs per second has slowed, seeing that more than 10 million machines have installed the OS in a week shows that there was strong demand for the OS ahead of its public release.

We will be curious to see when Microsoft publicly announces the next milestone but it's worth pointing out that you can't compare the Windows 10 adoption rate to that of Windows 7 or 8 as those products were a premium offering whereas Windows 10 is free for most of the early adopters.

Microsoft’s tactic of giving away the OS as a free upgrade to consumers with Windows 7 or 8.1 appears to be paying off. Based on the distribution of the OS to date, it looks like many took the bait and pre-registered to receive the OS which is a big win as the company needs the OS to succeed, to help drive developers to build apps for its store.

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