Windows 8 takes the #1 spot on Amazon's best sellers list

Microsoft officially opened the doors to Windows 8 pre-orders only a few days ago but the newly minted Windows platform has already jumped to the top of Amazon's software "Best Sellers". This is surely making Ballmer and crew up in Redmond happy as the new OS is dramatically different, in some respects, to Windows 7 and seeing it at the top of the list provides a good early indicator that consumers are willing dabble with the live tiles.

Along with opening pre-orders, Microsoft also kicked off its official advertising campaign with a commercial that first aired on Sunday during the afternoon football games. This commercial will be the first of many as Microsoft is reportedly going to spend up to $2 billion on advertising on all of Microsoft upcoming launches this Fall.

In late October, Microsoft will kick off sales of Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and its own Surface tablet. Launching any of these products interdependently would feature a massive advertising campaign but by combining them in one single launch window, we expect an advertising push from Microsoft like nothing we have ever seen in the past.

Source: Amazon

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