Windows Blinds 3.3

Thanks Brad/Wincustomize for the heads up - great news for all skinners out there!

WindowBlinds 3.3 released!

WindowBilnds is a program designed to make Windows into a fully skinnable operating system. It does this by applying visual styles (skins) to Windows. On Windows XP, it extends Microsoft's visual style engine to support WB visual styles which are faster and use less memory and are far more flexible. With version 3.3, much of the Windows XP visual style engine has been brought to Windows 98, ME, and 2000. New under the hood changes include a global bitmap cache which dramatically improves performance while reducing memory consumption. Stardock also worked closely with ATI and Nvidia to take advantage of some of the new hardware accelerated APIs (the results can be seen in the latest drivers from both). Creating skins with WindowBlinds can be as easy as loading up notepad and a paint program. Users can also download SkinStudio which provides a graphical environment for creating skins.

Loads a links:

View: How to Skin

View: Starting up

Download: WindowsBlinds 3.3

Screenshot: A customized desktop

View: How to get the customized desktop above

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