Windows Threshold Start menu and windowed modern apps leak

While we all wait for update 2 to arrive, supposedly on August 12th, it looks like another set of Start menu images have appeared on the web. This time though, we get a bit more information with the addition of a windowed modern app that shows the Windows Store.

As with all leaks, take each with a grain of salt but as far as we can tell, they do look legitimate. However, anyone who spends hours in Photoshop could produce these images quite easily. The build for this image leak is 9795 and falls in-line with our expectations for a build number based on current internal builds at Microsoft.

Just because this images leaked does not mean that this build is outside the walls of Microsoft. We know that internal users are now testing Threshold and could very easily produce these images from the current builds.

While we have yet to see a full build leak into the wild, we are still optimistic that it may occur. Microsoft has clamped down on trying to prevent leaks over the past 6 weeks but no security measure is perfect.

Microsoft has kept quiet on the details of the Start menu. While they did briefly talk about Threshold at WPC14, there was not a lot of new information to share. While we keep poking around to see if we can gather up any more details about the images, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: MyCE

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