WinInfo Short Takes: Week of May 20

Yea this week is slowed up somewhat on the news, that alongside with still no release date :mad: or beta refresh for Win2K SP3 (just some shady July 2002 date for the public release), no further details on WinXP SP1, dates or otherwise. No update on DX9 no news at all about IE6 SP1 (that beta is how old?) I figured I'd snag 2 short-takes that arent Microsoft for a change. Courtesy of Paul Thurrott who drops in from time to time here on Neowin here they are without further ado.

Mac OS X Usage Disappointing

It's hard to pin down the number of people that use alternative operating systems such as the Mac OS or Linux, but this week Apple CEO Steve Jobs admitted that the number of users upgrading to Mac OS X, his company's UNIX-based modern OS offering, is pretty disappointing. In an interview with C|NET, Jobs said that only 1 to 2 million people were actively using Mac OS X, though the company hoped to see 5 million active OS X users by the end of the year. Particularly damaging is news that at least half of the users that received new Mac systems so far this year--on which OS X was preinstalled as the default OS--switched back to the old OS 9 system upon getting their systems. But the biggest problem, of course, is that OS X will do nothing to raise Apple's market share, an increasingly frightening situation for a company grappling with

Sega Dumps Hardware, Makes a Profit

A year after the company dropped its video game console to focus on creating software for a variety of platforms, Sega has posted a profit, its first in two years. Sega made $111 million for the most recent quarter, thanks to sales of games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, World Series Baseball, and NFL 2K2, which now run on video game systems from Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. If we ever needed further proof that the real money was in the razor blades and not the razors, this is it. Congrats to Sega, which has been in the dumps since its Genesis system dominated the market in the early 1990's.

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