With Microsoft Bands selling for a premium on eBay, why are retail shelves still empty?

If you wanted to buy a Microsoft Band before Christmas, it was likely a disappointing holiday shopping shopping season for you as the Band has been selling out as soon as the device becomes available. With the company being quiet about when the stock will be replenished, your hopes of getting a Band are slim unless you want to pay a premium.

If you want to buy a Band right now, your best bet is on eBay but you must be willing to pay more than the retail price of $199. A quick search through the competed auctions on eBay shows that Bands are being sold for over $300, although it does seem the median price is somewhere around $275.00.

Seeing that the device was released at the end of October, it has been well over two months since launch of the Band and the company is still not able to keep its retail channel filled. Microsoft's website says that they are sold out and our local store does not have them in stock either.

We know that making physical goods requires time and a lot of planning to make sure your expected sales versus actual sales are close so you don't have excessive stock and be forced to write down inventory. But, with two months now elapsed and the device still hard to find, it makes you wonder why Microsoft is moving so slowly with its fitness companion.

At this point, since the device is hard to come buy, we do wonder how many consumers have given up trying to find the device and looked at alternative solutions. If you do want a Band and don't want to pay the higher prices on eBay, you can sign up on Microsoft's website to be notified when the device is available.

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