World War Z is a co-operative shooter coming to the Xbox One, PS4, and PC

It has been a few years since the release of World War Z, a movie that was based on a novel that toyed with the idea of a world that had become consumed by rabid zombies. While there were plans announced for a sequel to the movie, it looks like a game is going to be coming first instead.

During The Game Awards, it was announced that the game would be coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and also PC via Steam. The title will be developed by Saber Interactive who is best known for working on games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Quake Champions, and NBA Playgrounds, just to name a few.

The game looks quite similar in feel to Left 4 Dead or Left 4 Dead 2, which was released many years back and was a co-operative shooter. World War Z will support up to four players and will have locations set in Moscow, Jerusalem, and New York. The object is to of course stay alive will you are flanked from all angles by angry zombies. The trailer doesn't offer an exact date of release and only states that the game is coming soon.

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Source: Polygon

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