World's 1st Digital Disposable Video Camcorder

For under $30, consumers can now purchase a disposable digital video camcorder and enjoy a DVD home video experience comparable to expensive DVD camcorders.

Built on the Pure Digital(R) Imaging platform, this revolutionary CVS camcorder is the perfect easy-to-carry choice for capturing memories of weddings, vacation getaways, beach trips, or any time that family and friends get together. Just grab it and go — and leave that expensive and cumbersome traditional camcorder at home. Using just three simple buttons, consumers can capture up to 20 minutes of digital quality video and sound, in as many separate segments or clips as they wish. The video camcorder's 1.4-inch color playback screen lets consumers instantly enjoy their home videos and even delete unwanted segments with the press of a button.

News source: DigitalCamera@101reviews

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