WP8 Juggernaut Alpha device gets high benchmark score

Earlier this month, a list of possible Windows Phone 8 devices showed up on the Internet. One of the names that was on the list was named Juggernaut Alpha. It was a name that, quite frankly, sounded like it was going to drop kick us into the ground.

Now it appears that a phone with that same code name has found its way onto the WP Bench benchmarking website. The Juggernaut Alpha showed a final score that was about 50 percent higher than the current Windows Phone 7 champion, the HTC Titan.

This is almost certainly because there is a more powerful processor inside this still mysterious WP8 device compared to the current WP7 lineup; it's likely that it is using a dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

That's still all we know about Juggernaut Alpha; we don't know which Windows Phone device maker has created this product with the awesome name. However, we sadly suspect that Juggernaut Alpha is a code name that's being used until the device finally ships. It's likely to have a much more mundane name when it comes out, hopefully sometime later this fall.

We should note that is possible to spoof these names, so take it with a grain of salt.

Via: WMPoweruser.com
Source: WP Bench web site | Image via WP Bench

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