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Xbox gaming services slowly coming back online after experiencing worldwide outage

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Some gamers have been experiencing issues with accessing services such as Cloud Gaming, subscriptions, purchases, and others, on their Xbox gaming consoles. Microsoft has confirmed that the platform is experiencing some problems with its cloud features for users of the Xbox network.

As evident from the Xbox support website, there were problems with multiple services such as Stores and Subscriptions, Cloud gaming and Remote Play, and even the core “Games and gaming” segment. This strongly indicates gamers might not be able to even start their gaming sessions. Some of the issues that gamers could be facing:

  • Unable to purchase proprietary games, Game Pass games, as well as backward compatible games.
  • Unable to purchase subscriptions or accessories.
  • Facing trouble using a credit card to make purchases right now.
  • Unable to access existing account balance to make purchases.
  • In-game purchases could be failing.

It seems many gamers aren’t even able to access their accounts. Any attempt apparently gives the dreaded “Connection failed” error.

Essentially, the problems plaguing the Xbox platform seem to be affecting all types of devices where gamers want to use their Xbox account or services. In other words, console gamers as well as those who use their web browsers to access the Xbox Cloud Gaming service could be facing issues.

The latest Xbox Status has indicated that the Stores and Subscriptions service has started working. However, with Cloud gaming and remote play as well as Games and gaming services down, gamers would not be able to get back to their gaming sessions.

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