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XdN Tweaker

XdN Tweaker is a free tweaking program for Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Vista. It sets itself apart from the other tweak programs though by not being filled with options, settings, and "tweaks" that are actually normal options and menu settings of other programs. It tries to fill the gaps that other tweak programs overlook. Instead of just being another way of doing something you could do yourself just by clicking on "options" or "settings" in Windows, it offers features that Windows normally wouldn't allow you to do without digging into the system registry. Depending on if you run the program under Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, or Windows Vista, different options will be available to you (works with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows).


* Changes the number of Folder views Windows saves.
* Resets the folder views Windows has saved.
* Add/Remove classic Windows 2000 user control panel icon.
* Disable/Enable ATI Catalyst Control Center right click on Desktop (only for use if you have an ATI video card and have the Catalyst Control Center installed).
* Disable/Enable 'SendTo' right-click menu.
* Allows you to adjust and tweak TCP/IP settings.
* Disable/Enable ZipFolders.
* Disable/Enable the Outlook Express/Windows Mail splash screen.

* Put the File menu above the Back/Forward buttons in IE7.
* Remove or Replace the Search box in IE7.

* Disable/Enable User Account Control prompts under Vista.
* Disable/Enable the "- Shortcut" text under Vista.
* Attempt to force Vista to better save folder views.
* Disable/Enable Windows Media Player Explorer context menus.
* Add/Remove "Take Ownership" to right-click menus under Vista.
* Disable/Enable the Documents item on the Classic Start Menu.
* Changes "Delete" to "Search..." on Recycle Bin.
* Turn off the annoying full screen "black" UAC prompt.
* Enable Classic Search in Explorer and Internet Explorer.
* Disable/Enable Shutdown Reason dialog under Server 2003.
* Disable/Enable Windows scanning AVI files for thumbnails.
* Remove/Restore hidden ASPNET user that prevents auto login.
* Add "Tweak UI" icon to Control Panel (if installed).

What's new:
- added option for "Copy To" and "Move To" right click extension
- added the Right Click II page to Vista
- removed Sound control tool in XP/2k3
- misc gui updates, text changes and corrections

For Windows XP and 2003, the .NET 2 Framework is required!

Download: XdN Tweaker - 213 KB, freeware
Screenshots: 1 | 2 | 3
View: XdN Tweaker Page

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