You can now create unlimited private repositories on GitHub for free

Late last year, Microsoft completed a $7.5 billion acquisition of GitHub, the largest software development and collaboration platform of its kind. The move was initially met with some opposition from some users, but the company has just made a significant overture to free users of the service.

According to a new blog post published by the company, GitHub Free users can now create unlimited private repositories; the creation of private repositories previously required you to purchase a $7/month subscription at a minimum. Now, you can do the same at no cost. However, free private repositories will be capped to only 3 collaborators so the new options may only be suitable for smaller scale projects.

Users who previously paid the $7/month to the platform for hosting their smaller private projects can now downgrade to a free account if needed, while still retaining their private repositories. The Pro tier will now only have a leg up on its free alternative in terms of the number of collaborators for private repositories and the availability of some more advanced code review tools for said repositories. Public repositories will, of course, remain free, and allow for unlimited collaborators.

The company also took the wraps off a new product, GitHub Enterprise, which is an amalgam of what were formerly branded as GitHub Business Cloud and GitHub Enterprise. This new, unified Enterprise offering will cost $21/month per user.

Source: GitHub

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