ZTE criticise Microsoft and Windows Phone 7

The name may not be a big one amongst many phone users, but ZTE has become one of the biggest handset manufactures in the world and they are not happy with how Microsoft is dealing with Windows Phone 7.

According to an article on The Wall Street Journal website, the company who are now the world’s fifth largest handset manufacturer has said that Windows Phone 7 is not popular enough to produce handsets for, while they also feel that Microsoft response has not been good enough in regards to rectifying problems nor providing updates.

ZTE’s Director of Mobile Device Operations, Wu Sa said that although they have Windows Phone 7 devices up and running in their laboratories, they have no plans to launch any products based on it.

He also said that the company is not happy with how Microsoft has responded to issues surrounding Windows Phone 7 “We anticipate that Microsoft will respond more effectively to market needs in terms of user experience [and] in terms of cost,”

Mr. Wu said that a number of factors would have to be reached before the company decides that bringing a Windows Phone 7 device to the market is a good idea, firstly market demand, secondly user-friendliness and finally how many networks believe it is a good idea.

The news comes just after Nokia announced that they have started work on their first Windows Phone device, due out early next year.

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