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Member Reviews: Windows 8.1 - Desktop lovers rejoice

Today we have a brief review from Lone Wanderer Chicken in our Reviews by Members for Members forum that puts a user perspective on the Windows 8.1 upgrade.

We've covered Windows 8.1 extensively ourselves, you can check out our Everything you need to know about the Windows 8.1 release here- but a real world user perspective on the update is also what people may want to read about. 

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I have successfully installed  Windows 8.1 via the Windows store on my laptop. I had Windows 8 installed and it didn't appease me fully especially on my laptop. Windows 8.1 will ease any qualms people had with Windows8. Windows 8.1 feels like Windows 8 done right for both desktop users and tablet users.


Windows 8.1 first is downloaded via the Windows Store then it installs like a ordinary Windows installation. Windows 8.1 installed on my laptop successfully and all my programs work.

If you are using Windows 8, you can download Windows 8.1 for free at The full Windows 8.1 upgrade can also be purchased.

Modern Interface

The modern interface is much more matured with some very nice new features. You can customize tile size, categorize tiles etc. Instead of having to right click to view all apps, there is a down button. When you right click using a mouse now, a customize option appears.  There are many nice apps like calculator, alarm, food and drink, alarms and much more. You can set your desktop background as the start screen which is a plus. The tiles are also more colorful than in Windows 8, and have various colors than one uniformed color. There are a lot more customization features for the start screen. A lot of PC settings are moved into the modern PC settings such as resolutions settings. Resolution settings are also on the desktop as well.

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