Personal Backup

Personal Backup

Personal Backup is a program for saving personal data to any destination folder. This folder may be located on a local fixed or removable drive, on a Windows network server or on an FTP server. You can configure and store as many backup tasks as you wish. The selection of the files to be backed up is made on a by-folder basis. All subfolders are included automatically, but the user can exclude or include any subdirectories from or in the backup by selection or by filter. Additional criteria are the selection by file type, file age and/or file name filter.

Performing the backup can be done manually or automatically. During the backup the program checks whether the file to be saved is newer than one already backed up. Only new files and files with newer timestamps are saved. An alternate criteria is the archive bit of the files. Automatic backups can be started on logon, at a selectable time of day, on logoff or on shutdown. You can make scheduled backups with destination paths changing daily or weekly. For individual schedules it is easy to start a backup using the Windows Task Scheduler and the command line options of the program.

The 32-bit version runs under Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32- & 64-bit), Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003/2008(R2)/2012(R2), the 64-bit only under Windows 7,8 and 10 (64-bit) and Windows Server 2008(R2)/2012(R2).

What's new in version

  • New additional utility program PbStarter to start backups under a different account to protect the backup against so called crypto lockers
  • Selectable appearance of program windows
  • New dialog for setting program preferences
  • Presets for marking security copies are user adjustable
  • New option for mail attachment: only on errors
  • Restore of empty directories
  • New option: no check for volume name of source
  • New option: error summary at the end of the long log
  • New option: adjustable minimum number of older versions to be retained
  • Integrated function to use Volume Shadow Copies (VSS) on backup
  • Backup of single files optionally as zip files (also on FTP)
  • Exceptions for file types not be compressed also for zip files
  • Security copies optional into separate directory and option to automatically deletion if a specific age is reached
  • Optional locking the computer before backup is started on logoff/shutdown
  • Automatic deletion of older log files
  • Updated to OpenSSL v1.0.2c
  • Many bug-fixes and enhancements
  • Languages: German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Hungarian
  • Note: Since version 5.7 the program runs no longer under Windows 2000. Users having installed this obsolete operating system must change to version 5.6.8

Requirements for VSS:

  • The program must be started as administrator. It is not sufficient to be logged on with an account having administrative rights. Even in this case the program must be started using the option Run as adminstrator. This is being caused by the protection of the Windows user acces control.
  • The local drive from which files shall be backed up is formatted in NTSF.
  • All directories to be backed up in one task are located on the same drive.
  • The operating system is Windows 7 or newer.
  • The installed version of Personal Backup must fit to the system (i.e. the 32 bit version on 32 bit system or the 64 bit version on 64 bit systems)

Download: Personal Backup (32 bit) | 14.5 MB (Freeware)
Download: Personal Backup (64 bit) | 16.6 MB
View: Personal Backup Home Page | PB features in detail

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