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ShanaEncoder 5.1


ShanaEncoder is a superior video and audio conversion tool that enables you to convert between popular video and audio formats. The program offers ready-to-use conversion profiles to choose from and you can also adjust the settings for each format.

ShanaEncoder supports most popular video formats, including AVI, MOV, MP4, MTS, RM, QT, WMV and can also convert videos for many popular mobile devices. Expandable menus let users configure audio, video and other advanced settings, including codecs, bitrate, sample rate, and more.

The application also includes built-in video editing features that allow you to trim videos, add video filters or subtitles. great for those who seek efficiency and quality encoding features in a single, totally free and Open Source program.

ShanaEncoder 5.1 changelog:


  • Added/changed shortcuts in ShanaFFplay (preview, file play, output file play).
  • Added function to move frame backward and'c' shortcut key to move frame backward
  • Added'/' shortcut to simultaneously change video, audio and subtitle streams
  • Added'-, ='shortcut to navigate chapters
  • Added'v' shortcut to move frame forward
  • Changed the shortcut key for selecting a video channel to'i'
  • At the beginning of the encoding record, the Shana Encoder version, FFmpeg version, and graphics card name are displayed.
  • By allowing you to select whether to use key frame navigation in the preferences, you can use the navigation function prior to Shana Encoder 5.0.
  • When setting the start time and end time in section setting, we have added a function to move to the corresponding location.
  • In the time stamp list located at the bottom right of the section setting, a function to move to the time stamp has been added.
  • Added a function to copy the pts value to the clipboard when you press the time stamp in the time stamp list located at the bottom right of the section setting.
  • In section setting, when you press the'c' key on the keyboard, the function to move the frame backward and the',' button to move the frame backward have been added.
  • Added '3-Auto-variance AQ with bias to dark scenes' value in the aq-mode setting in the x264 advanced setting window.
  • Original and 7.1 channels have been added in the audio channel settings in the quick setting window.
  • dvb_subtitle, xsub subtitle encoding is supported.
  • These are the problems that occurred in the previous version fixed in the 5.1 version of Shana Encoder.


  • Fixed a problem that out of sync when encoding a delayed mp4 file after cropping a video in the iPhone default photo app.
  • Fixed an issue where an encoding error occurred when subtitle:none was used.
  • Fixed an issue where ShanaFFplay's minimization value could not be saved in the tray state.
  • When muxing an ass file in mkv format, if the delay value of the subtitle is 0, the opaque box effect is not applied.
  • When changing the profile, preset, tuning, and RC (quality, quantizer, bitrate) of the H264 (libx264) codec, the x264 advanced settings have been modified.
  • Fixed a problem in which the ratio of the original size was applied even when cropping the image after checking the image size change in the quick setting and selecting the ratio change to not use, setting the size to -1x-1, and cropping the image.
  • Fixed an encoding error in videos with dvb_subtitle and xsub subtitle streams.
  • Fixed a problem where 0:2 and 0:20 were selected together in the subtitle selection.
  • Fixed a problem where UTF-8 characters such as Korean characters appear broken in the record view.
  • Fixed an issue where characters beginning with
  • Fixed an issue that caused an encoding error because the file name could not be set in Add Address.
  • Too many packets buffered for output stream error was fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the analysis configuration and probesize errors.

Download: ShanaEncoder 5.1 | 66.6 MB (Open Source)
View: ShanaEncoder Website | Project Page

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