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ShanaEncoder [Update]


ShanaEncoder is a superior video and audio conversion tool that enables you to convert between popular video and audio formats. The program offers ready-to-use conversion profiles to choose from and you can also adjust the settings for each format.

ShanaEncoder supports most popular video formats, including AVI, MOV, MP4, MTS, RM, QT, WMV and can also convert videos for many popular mobile devices. Expandable menus let users configure audio, video and other advanced settings, including codecs, bitrate, sample rate, and more.

The application also includes built-in video editing features that allow you to trim videos, add video filters or subtitles. great for those who seek efficiency and quality encoding features in a single, totally free and Open Source program.

Note: Shana Encoder 6.0 requires WebView2 runtime, which is automatically installed during Shana Encoder installation or execution if not already present.

ShanaEncoder changelog:

  • Fixed an issue where encoding was displayed as in progress even though the encoding operation was completed in some situations such as insufficient memory or errors.
  • When the Shana Encoder UI is displayed abnormally due to insufficient memory due to virtual memory settings, the Shana Encoder UI is displayed correctly when memory is freed.
  • Change the default decoder settings of VP9 codec to SW (FFmpeg) values.
  • When automatically setting the number of multi-encoding tasks, the number of tasks has been improved to determine not only the number of CPU threads but also the memory size. When the
  • automatic value is 0, the number of tasks = number of threads in the current system / 2 (if the value is 6 or more, 5 (limited to [8 GB] or less) and determine the maximum number of tasks based on the memory size below.
  • If the memory is [8 GB] or less, the maximum number of tasks is [1].
  • If the memory is [16 GB] or less, the maximum number of tasks is [2] If
  • the memory is [24 GB] or less. If the memory is less than [32GB], the maximum number of tasks is [3].
  • If the memory is less than [32GB], the maximum number of tasks is [4]

Version improvements:

  • Fixed an issue where the video stream was not encoded when encoding a file with Subtitle: none.
  • Add a number indicating the list number in front of the original file name displayed at the bottom of the Shana Encoder main UI.

Download: ShanaEncoder | 74.4 MB (Open Source)
View: ShanaEncoder Website | Project Page

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