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Security Log Analytics: Spotting and Stopping Bad Guys at Scale - Free White Paper

Spotting and Stopping Bad Guys at Scale. Claim your complimentary White Paper by B2B Technology Marketing Community today before the offer expires.

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Security log analytics (SLA) helps security operations (SecOps) teams improve the cost and scale at which they predict, prevent, and mitigate rising threats.

SLA tools study events such as user logins, password changes, and firewall alerts to identify, assess, and respond to security threats. New low-footprint indexing tools make SLA more scalable and flexible for cost-conscious enterprises.

To get the most out of your security logs, consider investing in an SLA tool. Evaluate potential tools based on their scalability, ease of use, and compatibility with your current environment.

Look to surgically eliminate congestion rather than ripping and replacing the full log analytics stack. Finally, seek out ways for ITOps and DevOps teams to help manage the work of SLA.

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Security Log Analytics: Spotting and Stopping Bad Guys at Scale - Free White Paper
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