GPU deals: Grab this limited offer Nvidia RTX 3080 12GB for just $700

If you happen to be shopping around for a graphics card to go with your new gaming rig or just upgrade your existing one, the Nvidia RTX 3080 12GB model is currently selling at a very good price.

MSI Ventus RTX 3080 12GB
MSI Ventus RTX 3080 12GB

The particular model we are talking about here is the MSI Ventus RTX 3080 12GB and right now it can be had for as low as just $699.99. That said, this is a limited time offer just for today, so you will need to act fast.

Although Nvidia has named the newer 12GB SKU the same as the 10GB one, both RTX 3080s are slightly different. The former has more CUDA cores, more VRAM, and more memory bandwidth. Hence, it is a bit faster than the 10GB model.

The 3080 12GB trades blows with AMD's RX 6900 XT, although the GeForce card is significantly faster at ray tracing. Still, if you want to save more than $100 or if you don't care much about ray tracing, you can instead consider these 6800 XT deals listed in this article here. With the 6800 XT, you basically get 3080 10GB-like raster performance.

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