2 Hardware reviews on GeForce4 Ti4400/4600

GeForce4 Ti4400/4600 Roundup

Tweakers Australia has just posted a roundup of GeForce4 Ti4400/4600 cards. We put the first four cards to the test, and compare the pros and cons of each. We go into detail about each card, and talk about the features, performance and price comparison. Here's a snip:

Literally dozens of manufacturers are producing cards based on each of the three cores, each trying to convince people why their card is better. This leaves the average consumer in a daze, but in reality, there is a much simpler approach when it comes to selection. Unless you after specific 'value-added' features such as VIVO (Video Input/Video Output), generally most cards that use the same GPU are the same in terms of performance, which leaves one primary deciding factor - price. Of course other there are other things to consider like cooling, overclocking potential, package bundles, or even the physical layout/appearance of the card, which are just a few aspects of these cards what this roundup will attempt to address.

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VisionTek Xtasy double whammy

Today the Guru of 3D dives in-depth into VisionTek's Xtasy GeForce Ti 4400 and 4600. In the 16 page article they take both cards for a test-spin and overclock the kahuna's out of them. Not only that both graphics cards are being compared towards ten other graphics cards. The Xtasy GeForce4 Ti 4600 even get's away with an editors choice award. An article worth checking out I'd say:

Both products are of course top notch and way on top in the high-range performance/feature videocards and smack a Radeon 8500 around like a trout easily. Both cards have dual RamDAC's and that people means excellent multiple display options, greatly improved DVD movie playback and furthermore gaming wise a product that is fully DirectX 8.1 compatible and has all the gadgets batman carries around in his tool belt. In all honesty, there is very little chance we won't like these products.

View: VisionTek Xtasy double whammy

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