World Cup Wall Chart v1.5.0

The World Cup Wall Chart, designed and developed by Fibonacci Ltd, is an electronic version of the traditional fill-in wall chart for the 2002 World Cup Tournament. As well as keeping track of scores and scorers, you can also use the Wall Chart to organise office sweepstakes, and create your own fantasy scenarios and mini-tournaments - all for free!

Features include :-

  • Keep track of all the goals and all the scorers

    Enter the scores of every game, and then let the Wall Chart calculate the group and knockout stages. You can also enter every scorer of every goal, including penalty shoot-outs.

    Or just click on the update button and have the latest results downloaded to your Wall Chart automatically. (This is a really useful feature...)

  • Set up your own predictions and scenarios
  • You can enter fantasy scores and save the results as a "scenario". Then recall any scenario and see how it compared with reality. You can set up as many scenarios as you like.

  • Track your team's progress
  • Select one or two teams and have their progress highlighted through the Wall Chart. You can set the tracking colours to match the team's shirt colour.

  • Stats, Stats and more Stats
  • As you enter or download results, the stats build. View stats by group, team and player; choose to view stats for the group stage, the knockouts or for the whole tournament; switch between totals and averages. You can even customise the content and layout of the stats table to suit your own interest.

  • Fancy a flutter..
  • The Fibonacci Wall Chart lets you set up and manage a whole variety of sweepstakes for the office, club or friends. You can set up sweeps for everything from the winner, to the team with the best defence, to the winner of the Golden Boot. Sweeps can be just for fun, for a fixed stake, or by bidding for each selection.

    You can set up as many sweeps as you like, enter sweep members' selections or draws, and print details for the notice board. It will even keep track of who's paid and who hasn't. If you have a web site or an Intranet, sweep details can be published dynamically using the Wall Chart's internal web site.

News source: World Cup Wall Chart by Fibonacci Ltd 2002

Download: World Cup Wall Chart v1.5

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