A $499.99 Windows 8 app? Yep.

So far, the vast majority of Windows 8 apps that are available to download from the Windows Store are free. If it is a paid app, it usually costs just a few bucks. This week, a developer has a new Windows 8 app available for download that costs $499.99.

This isn't one of those "I'm rich" apps that costs a lot but does nothing. This software, EMR Surface, has been made specifically for the medical profession. According to the app's own description page, it gives medical offices a way to check up on data from their patients, including ways to "Add Appointment, Billing, Family History, Family History Details, Problems, Progress Note, Risk Factor, Vital Sign, Prescription, Drug Interactions, Reminders."

The development team behind this expensive app is called Pariscribe and their website shows that their Windows 8 app is already being used in a pilot program involving a number of doctors' offices with Samsung Series 7 Slates.

So there you have it; well before its official launch, developers working with Windows 8 are already creating very complex (and very expensive) enterprise apps for the operating system. It will be interesting to see what other developers jump in with this kind of software.

Via: McAkins Online
Source: EMR Surface app | Images via Pariscribe

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