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ABIT Ignites Total Hardware Security Era

Thanks kairon for this news in our Back Page News section of the forums.

By announcing its IC7-MAX3 mainboard with the Secure IDE technology, ABIT opened the doors to a brand-new era of data-protection using hardware means. As we told you last week, ABIT integrated a special chip that does not allow reading from HDD unless a special key is installed.

Secure IDE is a device that connects to an IDE HDD and has a special decoder key; without this key, the hard disk cannot be opened by anyone. Even if the drive is removed from your PC, no one will be able to read data from it. ABIT claims that its Secure IDE will keep the Government supercomputers busy for weeks and will keep the RIAA away from your Kazaa/Soulseek files forever.

ABIT's Secure IDE seems to be pretty easy to use: you should connect your Parallel ATA HDD via special add-in device with the eNOVA X-Wall chip and then perform typical Fdisk, Format procedures in DOS environment. Each time you boot up your computer, you will have to use your "key" to access the HDD.

News source: X-Bit Labs

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