After nine years, The Last Guardian finally gets a release date on the PlayStation 4

The young protagonist and his companion creature

Sony kicked off its big pre-E3 press conference with a gameplay trailer for The Last Guardian; for those in the know, this title has been in development since 2007, but despite several glimpses over the years, nothing has come out, until now.

Sony showed off a short trailer, followed by the date October 25th, 2016. The game's premise, involves a young boy who befriends a giant hybrid creature, Trico, and the two work together to evade guards that are after them. The game requires the player, controlling the boy, to manipulate Trico like a real animal, such as luring it with food, and to use the creature as a means to climb and reach high platforms or other remote places. This angles the core of the game on puzzle-based action, as in between the various puzzles, the player will encounter enemies potentially impeding progress. It is the player's role to survive such an occurrence, much like in Ico.

Following nine years of development, which included an initial planned release of 2011 for the PlayStation 3, development shifted to the PS4 in 2012, and if things go according to plan, eager fans will finally get their hands on the title in time for Halloween.

You can view the official trailer above.

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