Amazon's Echo devices show up on the Microsoft Store

It's no secret that Microsoft and Amazon have been pals lately. It all started in August 2017, when the two companies announced that their voice assistants - Cortana and Alexa, respectively - would be able to talk to each other.

It would seem that the two firms are living happily ever after. At CES this year, four OEMs announced Windows 10 PCs that were shipping with Alexa, and the Alexa app is now in the Microsoft Store. There's even a skill to control your Xbox, and of course, a skill to talk to Cortana.

The next step is that Microsoft will begin selling Amazon's Echo smart speakers in its stores. While they're not available for purchase just yet, listings for the Echo and Echo Dot were spotted by Microsoft leakster WalkingCat.

If you still want a Cortana speaker, the Harman Kardon Invoke is still available for purchase. You probably won't want to hold your breath for future Cortana hardware like that though, given how close Microsoft and Amazon are getting.

If you want to check out the listings on the Microsoft Store, you can find the Echo here and the Echo Dot here.

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