AMD Launches Long-Awaited Barcelona Quad-Core

Theres no question the channel is eager to get its hands on Advanced Micro Devices" first quad-core x86 microprocessor. Mondays belated launch of the long-awaited server chip code-named Barcelona finally brings to market the "game-changing" technology AMD is promising with what it calls the "worlds most advanced x86 processor ever designed and manufactured."

System builders who received samples a week or two ahead of todays worldwide launch say they arent ready to issue benchmarks just yet. Nevertheless, sources tell ChannelWeb that the processor AMD calls "the first native quad-core" is faster than they had anticipated. They say three key advances are testing out as advertised -- a tri-level memory cache hierarchy with fully shared L3 cache for all four cores, a floating point unit with 2x128-bit loads/cycle, and independent power supplies for each of the processors four cores and to the memory controller. The last feature distinguishes AMDs quad-core product from Intels, in that its possible to idle one, two or three CPU cores for a workload to better manage power consumption.

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News source: CRN

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