AMD Teams up with Virtual Desktop Pioneer

Hosted desktop pioneer Nivio has taken an undisclosed investment from AMD to help it work on its ambition of making virtual Windows XP desktops and software accessible from any connected device -- even a Linux PC or a smartphone. The Nivio service uses virtualization to provide users with a virtual PC, which they can configure and even synchronize with their own PC, if they have one. The virtual PCs are hosted on AMD servers at data centers in Geneva and New Delhi, and streamed out over broadband.

Nivio says it can stream a Windows XP desktop, complete with applications, to any device with a compatible web browser. Software -- including Adobe and Microsoft applications -- can be rented by the month, so users don't have to purchase a package that's only needed for the duration of a short project, said the company's founder Sachin Duggal.

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News source: PCWorld

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