Analogue Interactive is creating an aluminum NES console for the ultimate retro experience

With a library of close to 2000 titles the Nintendo Entertainment System is one of the most iconic video game consoles to date. Analogue Interactive is looking to bring this iconic video game console back like never before. Since the discontinuation of the original NES in March of 1994, the NES has been cloned and re-released by many third party manufacturers looking to cash in on the retro nostalgia.  But, Analogue Int. isn't looking to release another clone, but instead is looking to produce one of the finest NES experiences with the release of the Analogue Nt. 

The Analogue Nt is a NES console built "around the heart and brain of the original." The Nt features a casing that is machined from a solid piece of aircraft grade aluminum, two top loading slots that will support the NES and Famicon (Japanese NES) game cartridges, and 4 controller ports. Analogue Int. also claims that this will not be an emulation console. Although details are scarce at this point, Analogue Int. promises it will have more information to share that will "blow everyone away" at the end of March.

Like most of Analogue Int. products the Analogue Nt will be available to order direct from the company's website.

Source: Polygon via Analogue Interactive | Image: Analogue Interactive 

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