Android Gmail app now supports Exchange on all devices

Google has pushed a new update to its Android Gmail app which enables Microsoft Exchange support in the app, no matter what device you're using. This is significant because previously, the Gmail app for Android only supported Microsoft Exchange when using one of Google's Nexus-branded devices.

If you don't see the update just yet, Google says it could take three or more days to become visible. To check whether it's available, go to “Add Account” in the settings menu and you should be able to select “Exchange” as the account type.

Microsoft Exchange is used quite frequently by workplaces and universities. Prior to Google updating its Gmail app, people that wanted to connect an Exchange account needed to use a third party email app or the vanilla email app that comes bundled with some Android installs.

With the update, you'll also be able to sync your Exchange contacts and calendar with your Android devices as well. If you run across any problems, it could be due to the fact that the admin in charge of the mail server has not approved the Gmail app yet.

Source: Google

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