Apple event on Oct 4: "Let's talk iPhone"

Oh, the speculation. So many weeks upon weeks of poring over the tiniest detail, the smallest nugget of information, any clue at all, that might give the merest hint of when Apple’s next big thing might be landing.

Perhaps the most remarkable element of all this is that we’re still not completely sure what to expect – will there be one iPhone or two? Will the new iPhone 5 take mobile computing to a whole new level, or will there be nothing more than a mildly reworked ‘iPhone 4S’?

The wait is, at long last, almost over, with news that Apple has officially scheduled an event at its headquarters on October 4, under the banner “Let’s talk iPhone”. Other than that, there’s no further concrete info to share, as Apple isn’t keen to let the cat out of the bag completely before its big announcement.

Whatever new, magical device(s) Apple is preparing to unleash on an expectant world, we’ll be covering it right here on Neowin, so be sure to stick around. In the meantime, let your imagination go wild about just how delicious the new iFruits will be.  

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