Apple Music has already grabbed 11 million trial members

After its acquisition of Beats - and its streaming services - many expected the Cupertino-based giant to launch its own streaming service and the company did not disappoint. On July 30, the company finally announced its service, with subscriptions costing $9.99 for an individual plan and $14.99 for a family option that allows six users to share the subscription. While the first few weeks of its availability haven't been entirely trouble-free, the response to Apple's first foray into streaming has nonetheless been pretty positive.

According to Apple executive Eddy Cue, the service has already lured in 11 million trial members. The family plan seems to have also been a hit, with 2 million going for that. As this was all achieved in about five weeks, the company has a lot to celebrate.

While the service is being offered for free during the first three months, and numbers might fall after the end of that period, as it stands, Apple's service, which boasts an impressive portfolio of over 30 million songs, currently equals half the number of Spotify's paid subscribers already. Even accounting for those who will cancel their subscription after the free period, that is certainly an impressive adoption rate, furthering strengthening Apple's clout in the tech world, especially when we consider the fact that Beats Music had only 110,000 subscribers when the company was bought by Apple.

Source: USA Today

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